Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Pound Coin Design

Mr Frederick Mercury is one of the most popular selling greetings cards at the moment  Steampunk is hot right now :-)

I was sent a link to a recent competition to design the reverse side of the newest pound coin by the Royal Mint.

It was definitive to include the Magna Carta in there, along with tea, and that quintessentially British item, an open umbrella. I also wanted there to be birds on the coin, but which birds?
In seeking British birds, many birds that most regard as being native to Britain can also be found throughout Europe and / or the northern hemisphere.

In a competition to name a British bird, the robin was popular, along with red grouse, and the wren. 
In Jeremy Deller's English Magic, a hen harrier preying upon a range rover was a featured mural.
Still, the idea of a pigeon stuck - it had to be something quite common.
In searching for unusual breeds of pigeon, the English Carrier Pigeon, bred for sending messages, juxtaposes with free speech and the parliamentary signing of the Magna Carta.
It's also a beautiful bird to illustrate than the more common pigeons found in town centres and Trafalgar Square.
Two Red Arrows are dwarfed by the birds, that present the Magna Carta upon a round table over a cup of tea. 
You can't get more British than that!

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