Thursday, 26 May 2016

Cloudbusting - Backer campaign

I've had some fine art work accepted for an exhibition at the Institute Of Mental Health, so this has meant I've had to take some time to take the work to Nottingham and attend the private view.

I've had less response to the Backer campaign than the previous Kickstarter campaign, and I've only just found the time to get back into working on cloud busting again, illustrating pages 121-122 on an appropriately rainy day.

So thanks to all the neglect, my overdraft is now going headstrong into overdrive. That's thanks to all of you that have not pledged, have ignored the promo, or have been too caught up in Patreon.

Because of this, I've had to take more time out to try to negotiate my gas and electricity bill payments to lower - it hasn't worked - they've ironically gone up - my production costs keep going up...

I'm starting to think of renaming Cloudbusting to "Blackbird's Offshore Tax Haven", which I'm certain will attract lots of rich investors.

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