Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Lincoln Zine Fest

Ms Blackbird's Home For Peculiar People

I'm currently very busy in the studio preparing for Lincoln Zine Fest.

The Unreal God And Aspects Of His Non-Existent Universe
I only have about 12 copies of The Unreal God and Aspects Of His Non-Existent Universe available, so if you haven't already got a copy, now's your chance!!

New Chromeo / A-ha comics


If, like most people, you've ever wondered what would happen if Chromeo remade A-ha's Take On Me video, you can find out in this new limited edition comic - Chromeo - Taped From MTV. It's like an 80's song that never really happened.

Dave wants one!!

Of course, gonna have to keep a copy for Dave1 now!! 

Ms Blackbird's Home For Peculiar People

Also available (by request) is a ten page version of Ms Blackbird's Home For Peculiar People. 
More info here.

Cloudbusting posters and postcards etc.

Monday, 3 September 2018

Zine Making Workshop with OOMK

Last week, I took part in Mansions Of The Future Summer School, which was for me to attempt to restart my fine art practice, but I found Thursday's workshop with OOMK to be particularly relevant to my Illustration practice.

High Hopes Low Budget

Heiba and Sofia from OOMK set out a concept for zines - "High Hopes, Low Budget".
Mine would be "High Hopes, High Budget", because I don't accept austerity as real.

My Peace Painting Zine

I created this Peace Painting Zine with materials provided - which has made the cover gloriously Bollywood, and there were useful reference pics of Malala Yousafzai and Jeremy Corbyn, and some schoolchildren that I formed into a paper plane for a better future for peace.
Below are some of the other zines made by other artists, and 

Perusing the finished zines with OOMK

Pushwagner style!

I particularly liked the Puswagner style of this zine by artist Lawrence ?

George Clooney Is A Criminal

I particularly liked Tom's not quite ready (because he was too busy organising things!) zine entitled George Clooney Is A Criminal!!

Friday, 3 August 2018

Lincoln Zine Fest

On the phone to a debt collection agents over an erroneous energy bill still outstanding. In an anger inducing phonecall, I asked if they would still chase someone for money if they were in the acute ward of the mental health unit, because they were suicidal, and they said they would.
"Let's talk about mental health" say countless charities, but when you mention money, or funding, suddenly it goes quiet...

The good news is that I've been granted a free table at Lincoln Zine Fest in September.
Which means that I'm considering carefully making work for that - I have no idea about zines, as my only experience is with comics and graphic novels. 

Illustrations look more pro illustrated with a graphics tablet directly into Photoshop
copyright Helen Dearnley Illustration

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Chromeo / Take On Me comic

I had this idea a while ago; gosh, it was back in March - see the WITA post; and thought it was a bit of a rubbish throwback idea - wanting to move on from my old work. However, I did do some sketches, then I decided that I would really love to go and see Chromeo for my birthday coming up in July.
This is worrying me. I often tell the story of how I came up with the concept for The Unreal God And Aspects OF His Non-Existent Universe, and that all started when I decided to take a sketch of me as the girl in the Take On Me video to their Liverpool gig back in 2006.

I may become repetitive!
BUT! This is what I'm good at, and whilst A-ha aren't particularly producing any more Take On Me style music videos, the idea of a concept Chromeo video still has potential.

So I spent an hour storyboarding some concepts - illustrations based on me reading The Unreal God And Aspects Of His Non-Existent Universe in the Take On Me cafe, but in place of Morten, Dave1 winks from out of it - where's Morten?!

I found the original storyboards for a short one minute animation I made during my degree, called "Career Path" - see below.

But I realised that I needed to go back to the start of the video, the race scenes, replacing images of Morten with Dave1 / Chromeo

Originally, I had the idea to role reverse and have me in the race, but then I realised that I have images of me in the cafe, so that would ruin the idea. So I started to think of how Chromeo would remake it, and it's pretty obvious that they'd be in stilettos, so I tested out some illustrations from the video for Juice.

 Of course, in that video, they're just busy in an orange grove, getting some juice... it's just them riding a quad bike - albeit in stilettos.
So time for them to race other stiletto-clad men - and / or women, and to figure out who will be the wrench - wielding maniac that chases them into the comic?!

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Peterborough Beer Festival logo design

Logo design for the 42nd Peterborough Beer Festival

Friday, 18 May 2018

Blackbird anatomy model

This morning, I found this poor guy under the garden chair.
He is perfect to study for blackbird anatomy and drawing direct from life (death!)
Cause of death: unknown
There is some damage to his flesh, so I suspect the black cat that visits the garden has been practising its hunting skills.
He looks like a fledgling that didn't fledge :-(

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Artist's Fair / World Bicycle Day - June 2018

I've been busy preparing for the next Artist's Fair coming up in June. I've pimped the stall, but as I don't want to spoil the surprise, you'll have to come along to find out how fabulously glittery it is!
Only the best customers buy work from the glittery stall!
I accept card and cash payments 

It's World Bicycle Day slightly before on the 3rd of June, so for all my cycling clients, I made these extra rainbowy!!
Available as A5 framed prints :-)