Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Artist's Fair Waterside Shopping Centre

Who Ya Gonna Call?
In the days preparing for the Artist's Fair, I heard a crash in the night, and the following morning discovered all my prints upturned on the floor, and cards scattered - it must be a ghost!!

My stall set up

Normally I have a table provided, so it was a challenge to bring my own, as I don't drive. 

New card reader!
 Thanks to customers that paid by card! Yes! You can pay by card :-)

What's the point?!

Shout out to my next door neighbour!

#impvasion Lincoln Imps at Wembley
 Lincoln Imps were off to Wembley, so I made this!

Not just a card, a Helen Dearnley original illustration!
Free card for cheapskates that think £5 for a postcard print is expensive - here's a clue: original fine art postcards sell at £20 in most galleries.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Artist's Fair at Waterside Shopping Centre

Following the Women In The Arts Showcase, I have confirmation for the Artist's Fair coming up on Saturday 7th April - all info here:

The event is free to attend, and I have ordered an all new card reader, so I can take card payments for all purchases of work. 

Saturday, 10 March 2018

WITA!!! International Women's Day 2018

The Blue Room, The Lawn, Lincoln 
Thursday 8th March was the inaugural Women In The Arts Showcase, an event for women creatives working in fine art, illustration, poetry, music, comedy and performance, for International Women's Day 2018.
Located in the recently renovated The Blue Room at The Lawn, Lincoln, which was formerly the ballroom of the old asylum.

WITA badge!

Me at my crib

Always available for custom converse commissions!

Along with artists and illustrators selling work at our stalls, there was a suffragette!

Votes For Women!!
Our hosts:
WITA Witches
The inaugural Women In The Arts Showcase also featured talented women poets, live music, performances, and a DJ.

Melody Clark

Sarah Hughes

If for some very strange reason you missed it, keep your eyes peeled for more WITA events, as there are more planned!

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Women In The Arts Lincoln Showcase

With only a week to go to the SOLD OUT! Women In The Arts Lincoln Showcase for International Women's Day!
So along with limited edition prints from Cloudbusting, Stranger Things themed prints and Mother's Day Cards, etc, I have some new Mary Cole Mother's Day cards, and I've printed a few of the Queen Of Hearts collaborative work for more Mother's Day gift ideas!

Coronation Street Mary Cole Mother's Day Cards

Queen Of Hearts prints

Stranger Things prints and Mother's Day cards!
Stall display ready to go

New business cards

Stop Universal Credit!!

New notebook

It's hard to keep a sketch a day going whilst having to cope with pesky bills, and thoughts turn to "what on earth do I get Mum for Mother's Day?"
My daffodil Mother's Day card was the best in class, but this year, I've gone for Coronation Street. Mum likes Corrie. When asked who her favourite character is, she couldn't think of any, so I've gone for the lovely Mary Cole.

Mary Cole from Corrie

Coronation St Mother's Day card

I was reminded of Take On Me again, when a fellow fan shared some images from the making of the video, and I decided randomly to illustrate David Macklovitch of Chromeo as if Chromeo did some kind of funky version of Take On Me (and accidentally got into the comic!). He likes it, and whilst I'm trying to get Cloudbusting published, I'm thinking of ideas for what to do next. 
People have been sharing various anime / comic illustrations, and I'm the only illustrator I know of that specialises in illustrating in the style of the Take On Me video, so who better to make a storyboard for a Chromeo video for one of their new album tracks?? ;-)

Head Over Heels

Always a nightmare when this happens!

I haven't forgotten Pee!

Editorial sketch
Daily sketches are becoming editorial!

#UniversalCredit protest

There was a protest organised in London to stop and scrap the financially neglectful and abusive Universal Credit regime, but due to #TheBeastFromTheEast, it's been cancelled. 
However, it's still very important, as an illustrator and an unpaid carer, to safeguard against destitution.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

New Year, new work!

I was given a Sketch A Day sketchbook for Christmas, and it's been very hard with illness and insomnia to actually draw every day, so at least I draw something as often as I can.

My hand illustrated bike sign was stolen!!
Illustrated shop window
Hand illustrated shop sign

Stranger Things / Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind mashup cards

The Blue Room used to be the hospital ballroom in what used to be the Lincoln Lunatic Asylum, which is one of the locations for the Steampunk Festival.

Stranger Things Valentine's Card

I've been busy making some new Stranger Things themed bespoke card designs, and this Valentine's Card has become more popular this year than my usual Beee Mine Valentine's Card! Poor E.T!

New prints and cards ready for my upcoming stall
I've added a few new prints and cards for the upcoming stall, which will also be just before Mother's Day, so you can get your Joyce Byers going on and get your Mum a Stranger Things themed card in neon red, neon pink, or neon blue!!

All handmade Mother's Day cards come with glitter
Stranger Things Mother's Day cards
Stranger Things non Valentine's card for the love sick

Blue Moon Daft Punk themed illustration - aww!

Blue Moon Cloudbusting 

I've otherwise been busy putting together a cover design for Cloudbusting as I'm seeking a publisher.

wi Cover Design for Cloudbusting