Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Ms Blackbird's Arts Workshop July

July's Bird Therapy Arts Workshop was planned to account for the incredibly high temperature, however, as the group ventured out for the bird observation, it was cloudy, and we were caught out by a heavy shower before returning to Decimal Place.

Our visit this time was without the ducks that were there before - the gate had been left open, and they'd disappeared!
And there were fewer birds this time, but we found this faded text along a wall; a narrative about a lady, so this might become material for Ms Blackbird's Home For Peculiar People!

Creativity from the shadow of a pigeon flying overhead, bird sounds, and Joan Miro style robins.

Thursday, 25 July 2019

August Exhibition at Decimal Place

This August, I will be exhibiting work at Decimal Place, from 5th August to 2nd September, including Steampunk Festival.
Copies of Ms Blackbird's Home For Peculiar People will be available, along with an introduction to the characters.

Other work includes this Stevie Nicks Three Birds Of Rhiannon mixed media on slate, and the following Wallace Stevens 

 1: Amongst twenty snowy mountains 
     the only moving thing 
     was the eye of the blackbird.

2: I was of three minds
    Like a tree
    In which there are three blackbirds

3: The blackbird whirled in the autumn winds
    It was a small part of the pantomime

4: A man and a woman are one. 
    A man and a woman and a blackbird are one

All work is for sale and commissions welcome!

Not for sale, but also on show will be some of my Grandad's drawings of his prize winning racing pigeon "Majestic" and a commissioned painting of his prize winning racing pigeon "Dante".

I'm running a Ms Blackbird's Art Workshop in Deeping St Nicolas on 21st August.

"Ms Blackbird" will be at the space on Saturday 24th August for card payments for larger sales of work.

August's Ms Blackbird's Art Workshop at Decimal Place is on Friday 30th August.

There is live music and a closing event at Weird Garden on Saturday 31st August.

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Sincil Bank Street Art proposals

Following my trip to London for the Kickstarter funding session, and having explored the street art in Brick Lane, I went for a look around some potential sites for murals in my local area in Sincil Bank.
This gable end house overlooks Pelham Bridge, and currently has some particularly bad graffiti on the lower part of the wall.

My proposed work is located close to where my son was once suicidal.
So I've gone for some 80's nostalgia, with the neon text reading "I'm holding to the edges of the light you leave behind" - lyrics to FM-84's Wild Ones
For all the kids lost to suicide.

A variation on the same theme. 

Another concept for the same location. Brimming with 80's nostalgia, lyrics are from The Midnight's Memories written in reverse "Everything is clear in the rear view mirror".
Visible to traffic travelling south over Pelham Bridge, the cathedral appears reversed in the rear view mirror driving into the sunset leaving the city.
Travelling north, this image would appear in the rear view mirror approaching the Cathedral.

An early variation of the same theme.

A proposal for a smaller wall. Quote is from FM-84's Wild Ones.
Benguiat font from Stranger Things over white noise and kids playing out in the street - the kids to take back ownership.

A massive neon mural of The Funk Lordz Chromeo on this gable end house.

Another proposal to brighten up a graffitied wall with Chromeo - it would be more likely to have something from Night By Night here, but I don't have any photos of Chromeo performing that live...

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Exhibition at Ground Gallery Hull

Mary Anne Hobbs @ BBC6music Art Is Everywhere 2017

Stranger Things! Eleven Riding A Bike and risographs

Limited Edition prints from Cloudbusting

Eleven Riding A Bike

There will be a closing event with musical performance on Friday 26th July 2019

Gallery website

Monday, 1 July 2019

Ms Blackbird's Art Workshop - June

This month's workshop is inspired by Edvard Munch, as it coincides with a talk about Mental health and creativity: facts and fictions at the British Museum, as part of the Edvard Munch Love and Angst exhibition currently showing.

Awe returned to John Dawber Gardens to find it has been taken over by a mother duck and her six ducklings.

The crows flew off somewhere, and so we drew the ducklings, who were having an argument with a cheeky sparrow.

Reminds me of Van Gogh, The Painter On His Way To Work!

Producing a zine

Sketches, rubbings and riddles

The next workshop is Friday 26th July, although it might be deferred due to another event. 

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

LDC Kickstarter coaching in London

A huge thank you to Kickstarter and Gemma Seltzer for paying my travel costs to return to London for the Laydeez Do Comics Kickstarter coaching session.

Second Home Co-working space, London
Obviously, I ran a Kickstarter campaign for Cloudbusting whilst going through my son's mental health crisis, and it wasn't successful.

I was doing a lot of work with very little support.
So hopefully this will be useful for finally getting Cloudbusting published!

Second Home is like a greenhouse inside!
Whilst there, I also took some time to research all the really cool street art in Shoreditch, for future mural commissions!
Lincoln still seems to have trouble commissioning my work for murals, but I will be testing out some ideas.

Here are some of the best murals:

NOT Eric Drooker!

Thanks to this guy for the info!

His Royal Purpleness! Trapped in a cage!
I also went over to the British Museum to see the Edvard Munch exhibition - some very different work included compared to my trip to Oslo back in 2010!