Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Christmas Market planning

This week is for Christmas Market planning. I've been busy in the studio illustrating a new bike sign to advertise for the oncoming storm of Christmas Market shoppers!

Framed prints looking good in the shop

Sale! Yay!
I've been away for the weekend to take niece and nephews to visit THE BEST Santa's Grotto at Baytree Winter Wonderland, and sold my first postcard - hooray!

New illustrated bike sign

New bike sign ready to advertise my wares!

If you're out shopping in Lincoln, you will spot this adorning the golden bike opposite St. Mary Le Wigford church :-)

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Illustrated prints at Birds Yard

Monday was a very gloomy day at Birds Yard. Prints have been rearranged and have their own space now.

I spent all afternoon sorting out the lighting.
You can also purchase prints online in my all new Etsy shop here.

I'll be back at Birds Yard on Monday!!

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

The Mind Flayer strikes again

So, Monday morning was supposed to be for coffee and contemplation.
It was certainly for contemplation, but not for coffee, as that little shit the Mind Flayer struck again, and had to close the shop early.

That little bastard, The Mind Flayer

Next week I will be in on Friday 17th November, then Monday 20th November, and Monday 27th November. The shop is open otherwise on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

No Mind Flayer is welcome to return, Hopper and El have hopefully closed that portal to the Upside Down, thankfully!

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Monday mornings are for coffee and contemplation!

So, you totally binge watched all of Stranger Things last weekend, didn't you? And every media article over analyses it all, from Dustin and Steve's new father-son bromance to Hopper and El, to Joyce's tough love trying to purge the Mind Flayer from Will's body, and Hopper's Constantine-like ventures into the Upside Down. 

As I teach kids to ride bikes, kids riding bikes isn't really horrific ;-)
Kids not being allowed to ride bikes is the true horror.
Of course, we still have yet to see Eleven being allowed to ride a bike.
The Upside Down is obviously a secret cycle path underneath Hawkins.

So I carved this pumpkin, that's about the limit for Hallowe'en, as I just go to shops with Joyce's "WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING TO MY SON?!" face
Believe me, when you've been through something very similar in life yourself, you don't need any ghoulish cosplay. True horror doesn't dress up.

Stranger Things is a metaphor for mental illness. The horrors Will experiences as he sees things that are attributed at first to PTSD by the new scientist at Hawkins lab, that soon become real manifestations of the Mind Flayer.
The Upside Down is where people with mental illnesses go. The Demogorgon from the first series was anxiety,and now the Mind Flayer represents full on depression, infecting everything, changing Will, and forcing Joyce to take drastic measures to help him, and to stop it.

As a carer, also a metaphor for Universal Credit, and not being paid much to cope with someone with mental health issues.

Next week I will be at Bird's Yard, so as Hopper had to deal with some tricky situations in the pumpkin patch, Monday mornings are still for coffee and contemplation!

Tuesday, 24 October 2017


For #Inktober, I've been very busy, however, I have tried my best to either illustrate something from the prompts, or find an image from Cloudbusting that best reflects the prompts. Some images may be missing because I haven't downloaded them from Instagram.

Day 2; Divided

Day 3: Poison

Day 4: Underwater

Day 4: Underwater

Day 7: Shy

Day 7: Shy

Day 8: Crooked

Day 9: Screech

Day 10: Gigantic

Day 11: Run
Day 12: Shattered
Day 14: Fierce
Day 15: Mysterious
Day 16: Fat

Day 17: Graceful

Day 18: Filthy

Day 19: Cloud
Day 19: Cloud

Day 20: Deep

Day 21: Furious

Monday, 23 October 2017

Bird's Yard prints

A series of prints from the graphic novel Cloudbusting, along with other illustrated work from my portfolio will be available to buy from Bird's Yard, Lincoln from November. 

P.77 Steep Hill

The Strait / Bird's Yard

The Strait / Bird's Yard

The Strait / Bird's Yard framed

The Jew's House

Steep Hill P.79

Steep Hill p.80

Castle Hill / Wordsworth Street P.82

Also, it'd be great to see so many friends for fika whilst there :-)