Saturday, 8 December 2007

Illustration work 2006 - present

"Cry Wolf"
New work inspired by A-ha's "Cry Wolf"
(Pal Waaktaar Savoy cites Prokofiev as his own musical influence for the song)

"Go saddle for me the bonny brown steed (the grey was never so speedy)..."

"He rode up hills and he rode down dales, over many a wild high mountain..."

"...and they did say that saw him go, 'Black Jack Davy he is hunting'..."
images from a storyboard created for a potential animation for "Black Jack Davy"

Black Jack Davy

The Squire and his Lady

Black Jack Davy
3 dolls made to illustrate and animate the folk rock song and Child Ballad "Black Jack Davy"

Book Jacket design submitted on the Saatchi website for a competition to design a cover for "The Last Days of The Lacuna Cabal" about a women only book club.

Valentines cards for sale at a Valentines stall

Valentine Card for the man of my dreams....

Christmas cards made and sold at the Christmas market 2007 Gold and silver frosted cherub design

Figures In Motion

An editorial illustration based on the mathematical proposition that shooting a moose would save the equivalent amount of methane emissions as two long haul flights.

Advertising illustration for Tabasco sauce.

"The Noise of Modern Life Blamed For Thousands of Heart Deaths" Editorial brief

"Heart" series of five illustrations


Under Milk Wood

"Stand Out From The Crowd" just an excuse to paint pictures of birds really ;-)

Generic "Farming"


The Baby Jesus Touch And Feel Book


Helen drinks a lot of tea, therefore extensive use of teastaining is utilised in order to fool people that the illustrations are created on mystical and long lost scrolls.

Poetatoes (sic) are good for the heart!

Turquoise is the artist's favourite colour.

Twinkles of inspiration come from Daniel Chang, Sara Fenelli, greek ceramics, Gary Baseman, Heather Lloyd, dreams, waking life, existential wanderings through galleries, unspoken conversations with God, and many artists and illustrators that appear in Borges style bibliodyssies....
You never know where inspiration will come from next!

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