Saturday, 16 March 2013

Zine fest and upcoming exhibition

Artist Book Collective have invited Alice and Vanessa of Holmfirth Arts Festival, in which I submitted a copy of my comic, to participate in the Leeds International Book Fair and Divided We Fall Festival this March with the Towser Zine Library from Holmfirth Arts Festival 2012. The dates are 8-22 March 2013, across various venues in Leeds. More info:

Beermat Characters will be exhibited as part of the Beermat Characters Exhibition at Coningsby gallery, London, 29th April - 4th May 2013
Edited, as initially the competition stated that 50 beermats would be selected, and the exhibition announcement stated "over 80", so I thought that the selected competition winners would be exhibited alongside the rest of the entries, but I've since checked, and there are over 80 selected beermats, and my John Barleycorn isn't included in the selected beermats for exhibition, although it was promoted during the competition itself. My earlier assertion that I had a piece included in this exhibition may have been inaccurate.

I've been tidying up this blog, and have organised the graphic novel into a chronologically ordered single page, so it makes more sense.
I've written out the synopsis here.

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