Friday, 12 April 2013

Studio Ghibli inspired illustration

The Thatcherless System
My son Brett arrived home from school with a letter about the new Orwellian cashless system in the school canteen. I flicked through the TV yesterday and saw a coffin being carried into a hearse. It looked very much like the same kind of coffin and same kind of hearse that my Grandad was laid to rest in before Easter. In death we are all equal as human beings. 
But anyway, as I have a piece of work included in this exhibition, I was trying to ignore social media and news of another funeral, but I got my tongue in a knot and referred to the cashless system as "The Thatcherless System".
Whilst studying for my degree, I often used to annoy lecturers by playing Manic Miner on a ZX Spectrum emulator. The original image below was lacking in miner kodama spirits. 

portfolio piece
I watched too many Studio Ghibli films on Film 4 over the Easter holidays, combined with the news, this is the result.

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