Friday, 6 February 2015

Queen Of Hearts Collaborative Project

I received a message via my Illustration Page on Facebook inviting me to take part in a collaborative project by fellow UoL illustrator Lauren C Waterworth, so alongside illustrating a flooded Lincoln for Cloudbusting, decided that Kate Bush would make an excellent Queen Of Hearts - hell, it could've been an unwritten song for Hounds Of Love!

This is a collaboration between Helen Dearnley and Lauren C. Waterworth as part of the Queen of Hearts Collaboration Project. 

To see more of Helen Dearnley please visit this site: 
To see more of Lauren C Waterworth please visit this site:

The Queen of Hearts Collaboration Project created by artist Lauren C. Waterworth, to see more visit:

You can view the project with work by a variety of Illustrators on the Queen Of Hearts Collaboration Project Facebook Page here

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