Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Time for something a little bit different....

The Engine Shed in the 1980s
Before the University of Lincoln existed, student music venue The Engine Shed was literally a derelict old building - here it is in the 1980s. Grim.

Borges style road map

The Stonebow 1950s
Relocating Back To The Future in Lincoln. The clock tower is the Stonebow - which it is possible to (time) travel through.

The Stonebow 1950s
To date this, it's taken from a photo of the Stonebow in the 1950s. This is evident by the 1950s car in the Stonebow, at a time before the streets were pedestrianised, and the pedestrian crossing lights at the junction.

full colour finished illo - only a few more to go!
fyi, Jason Bradbury is building a DeLorean. These are his adventures!

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