Wednesday, 6 May 2015

After schools comics workshops

Spent some time in the library looking for comics for after schools workshops for kids in Year 5 - 6 
I came across Marvano's "Berlin" - which specifically states a 15 age category on it. Otherwise, it would've been a very good example of a graphic novel located locally, as it's illustrated by Belgian illustrator Mark Van Oppen and the story starts from an abandoned Lincolnshire RAF base.
The style of the illustrations and the narrative that shows the reality of WW2 bombing raids over Berlin, along with references to Snow White and the Seven Dwarves are relevant to kids here. 
The reason it's rated 15 is due to some mildly erotic scenes on two pages mid way through the story. So for this reason I've photocopied the first page that is appropriate for Year 5 - 6 children.
I have also sourced a variety of comics and graphic novels, including Rupert Bear annuals, Moomins, Young Avengers, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Adventure Time, and including my own Unreal God And Aspects Of His Non-Existent Universe, and current extracts from Cloudbusting.

I've taught Bikeability at Monks Abbey school, so I was interested to see their book reviews on display in the library. From what I could tell, Horrid Henry is popular with this age range, currently.

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