Thursday, 9 July 2015

Back To The Future

A weekend away in Wales, now it's back in the studio for work on the Jason Bradbury time travel illustration.
Jason has been back to the Ritz cinema in the 1980s, parking his DeLorean round the side, and sneaking in the back to go and watch Back To The Future again!!

Jason meeting MARC, the University of Lincoln robot, which at the time had no 3D printed legs. In the future, when MARC has legs, he is learning to ride a bike! But of course, according to the BTTF wiki, in 2015 there is already flying cars and hover technology, so in that version of 2015, MARC rides a hover bike.

Hover train 2015
At some point in time, Jason travelled from 1985, and got trapped in an alternate 2015, most likely to do with the train barriers on the High Street. With the DeLorean absent (make up your own backstory to that!) He had to mod a train to get back to the real 2015. In the alternative 2015, there is no need to build a pedestrian footbridge, because hover trains have already been developed. Here is an East Midlands train carriage modded with hover technology, along with MARC and his 3D printed robot brethren riding a hover bike.

Here, Jason has gone back to Spalding in 1985, where a hover Flower Parade float is driven by one of the Flower Queen's assistants, bored to death of waving and smiling mindlessly. Jason wows the crowd ahead with his own future tech.

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