Friday, 16 October 2015

Cloudbusting Kickstarter promo video

Here's a new Youtube channel with which to promote and develop new projects, whether that's for Cloudbusting, or for fine art projects.

Today is Blog Action Day, with the theme of Raise Your Voice, so revisiting Cloudbusting is important for highlighting that this is a graphic novel being illustrated by a single parent, and the issues affecting single parents affected by tax credits cuts, in a week that Gingerbread have highlighted a new ruling to prevent economic inequality in divorce cases, that this is what I do for a living, and after two previous attempts to raise funds through Kickstarter before, and a bit of promotion via local news BBC Look North earlier this year, I'm thinking of relaunching a new funding campaign in the hope of getting the graphic novel finished and published despite the challenges that entails.
This will require support from bloggers, Youtubers, vloggers, social media promotion, and mostly pledges when it's launched!

You can visit my website here to find out information about Cloudbusting, and it links back to the synopsis on here.

Last week I had a lot of fun exhibiting an illustration at Future Fest with Jason Bradbury, and if you subscribe and follow this blog, you can find out what adventures we got up to in the previous post there, and I updated my website accordingly - feedback is welcome!

Please do add any comments and suggestions - I'm still accepting suggestions for time travel additions to the piece, in a similar vein to Jim'll Paint It!

If you're at all interested in my other work as a fine artist, I had to give my practice a break for a while, due to caring responsibilities when my son was diagnosed with depression last year and all that entails, but you can go to my main website here
I try to keep my fine art and illustration practices separate for my own sanity!

Lastly, I'd like to thank you for your interest, please do follow, like, share and subscribe where possible, and thanks for your support :-)

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