Monday, 29 February 2016

Cloudbusting FAQ

Today I'll be doing a Q & A online, so here are some FAQs about my work.

Q: Your graphic novel will retail at a much lower price than the price of the prints in the exhibition, is the price too high??

A: The prints exhibited at Wilgress Books are Limited Edition prints. 
There are a total of 24 prints. 
The price is worked out as the time costs of producing the prints, of selecting which prints to show, editing images for print, sending to the printers, materials costs for prints and framing, putting up the exhibition, the time for the private view and take down of the work.

The cost is worked out via a-n's Artist Fees Toolkit based on a day rate fee, divided by the amount of work for sale, plus a percentage for use of the shop space.

The graphic novel when printed will be mass produced, which will lower the cost of each individual graphic novel according to demand.

If the work shown was original illustrations, the price would be much higher, as the time taken for each individual illustration would be factored in. 

Q: Why don't you exhibit original artwork?

A: Because the time costs for producing original work would be far higher than the price of prints, and people don't want to pay the price of original work.

Prints are a more affordable way for you to purchase images, and being limited edition means you get an exclusive piece ahead of the release of the finished work.

Original artwork would be more suited to a gallery.

Q: How long does it take for you to complete each page?

A: It depends on the amount of frames and imagery involved. A one - page single illustration takes one to two hours max.
A series of six or more frames on a page would take at least half a day to draw and ink.
The more detailed double page illustrations take at least a day to illustrate, colour and ink.

Q: You should illustrate more images of Steep Hill, because rich people will buy them.

A: This is not a question, it is your opinion, and there is no evidence of this. 
The graphic novel Cloudbusting is located in Lincoln, but it explores many complex issues, and is based on personal experience. 
I do not spend all my time going up and down Steep Hill - there is a narrative behind those images that cannot be conveyed by single images alone, but you will have to buy the finished graphic novel to follow the narrative. 

Cloudbusting is not targeted at people who would like pretty images of Lincoln to go in their lounge, and for specific requests, you should contact me for separate fine art commissions.

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