Friday, 12 February 2016

Cloudbusting PR for Kickstarter

Cloudbusting is well underway at Wilgress Books, and along with a Publishing Forum last Sunday, I went to Lincoln Writers' Meet Up at The Collection on Wednesday night for some networking and to catch up with Rob from Paradigm Arts.
There was also some awesome poetry by Lincolnshire Young Poets, hosted by Lincolnshire's first Poet Laureate Joel Stickley with current Poet Laureate Peter Latimer - so many talented young people.

I had to update the Kickstarter campaign to include a few more pics so that backers can now see examples of rewards.

There are new blogs in progress for the Kickstarter campaign, and top twitter lady @LisaMuggeridge has been retweeting the project every day - hats off to Lisa for being so awesome!
Lisa was interviewed by @chunkymark The Artist Taxi Driver recently.

The best way to support Cloudbusting is ideally to pledge for one of the rewards, and to be like Lisa and retweet it. 
The way social media works is that I tweet to all my followers, they click on the links, read this blog, gain some information from reading it, and then... try to sell some PR back at me..... Er, no. Not quite.
That's not what Kickstarter is for, is it?
It's for creatives to do our own PR to spread the word about epic creative work, and for followers to pledge and spread it on!!

The easiest way to do this is to set up Hootsuite.

In Hootsuite, you can sign up for a free one month trial. 

You can link all your social media accounts (except Instagram, that's a total mystery to me!) and schedule tweets over a period of time for the coming days, weeks, or month ahead.

So I've scheduled reminders for Lisa to retweet, with links and information to anyone that is in Lisa's twitter followers to pledge and retweet, and pass it on, along with various other posts to promote the campaign.

Considering I have over 800 followers on twitter, if everyone pledged the lowest amount of £1, that would raise £800. Which would be over half the campaign target. And the rewards for £1 is a cool poster print for Cloudbusting.

Of course, there are various tiers of rewards to choose from, and obviously the aim is to reach the target, or maybe exceed it.
If everyone pledged £3 or more, that would be easily achievable.

£3 pledge includes a Poster print, postcard of Cloudbusting, the graphic novel, and badge with your name as an honourary Cloudbuster.

And if everyone retweeted via Hootsuite regularly, the target would be reached in no time!

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