Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Secret 7" submission - John Lennon's Imagine

Here's an illo I submitted for this year's Secret 7". 
John Lennon's Imagine is a powerfully delicate track.
Inspired by visiting respectively The Beatles Story in Liverpool, and Looking Through The Lenses Of Lennon, along with photos of Kendell Geers' neon text work outside the Nobel Peace Centre in Oslo - the words "laughter / slaughter" and vice versa are reflected in the iconic glasses.

Above are drawings of origami lotus flowers floating through a dreaming cloud adorned with John's white piano, out of which white poppies and peace symbols swarm.

Below is a second design I came up with after reading that John's glasses were standard NHS prescription, here is an eye chart for rich warmongers to have their vision tested with ;-) 

Unfortunately, neither of these were selected for the exhib. You can complain about that here :-s !!!

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