Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Paper Girls graphic novel review

The first graphic novel I've read for 2017 is Paper Girls by Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang.

So, you caned Stranger Things on Netflix over the summer, and you desperately want some Stranger Things Converse... but you were disappointed that no one bought any for you at Christmas.
While waiting for the Stranger Things Christmas lights to flicker back on, and listening to Haim or Chromeo, Paper Girls is the ideal inspiration for 80s nostalgia trips, but what's really good about it is that all the heroines are, well, girls!
Doing all the stuff the boys were always doing in films such as E.T, and reminiscent of Michael Jackson's Thriller, but which girls like me were always doing too, it's just that male gaze didn't seem to notice back in the day.

Me aged 12

1988 - I would've been 12 too, actually! I had Barb specs back then....!

The 1980s hairdos are spot on - check out Erin on her BMX.
E.T. Phone Home?

The story develops at a fast pace, the characters are strong, and with strange people with conflicting interests - who are the goodies, and who has the baddie van?? 
You don't know if it'll be an alien (E.T.), zombies (Thriller), but there seems to be a time travel element (BTTF) where Lorraine never got left sleeping in the porch...
The novel finishes with several plot lines to follow in the second edition that give clues to where the story connects back to contemporary timelines and leaves you wanting to find out how that works out, so looking forward to more Paper Girls.
And it should give you all a good taste for Cloudbusting - makes me want to shove some time travel in, but that would be too complex!! 

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