Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Cloudbusting is finally finished!!

It feels as though it's been an age since I started work on Cloudbusting, the graphic novel, and looking through old sketchbooks at some of the trains of thought that never made it, how it evolved to become the story of two academics working together in a flooded city, a female protagonist flying over the city via umbrella, battling with the DWP and the military to continue research, has been a true challenge.
Through lack of funding, forced to take on low skilled, underpaid work just to keep it going has certainly taken a level of determination not recognised or valued highly enough.
But it is an authentic account of survival in this unfolding dystopian reality of austerity, of real heartbreak, grief, duty of care, survival....
And during the time it has been illustrated, things have been more desperate, there have been more failures than anything J.K. Rowling boasts about.

All the work is being kept safe, the studio making room for new projects, commissions and fine art work, as the next step is now to determine the audience, and work towards getting it published!

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