Saturday, 7 October 2017

Thought Bubble

With thanks to Nicola Streeten of Ladeez Do Comics and Myriad, who I bumped into outside  the train station, we got a little bit lost on the way, but we made it to Thought Bubble! Hooray!
And I even managed to get in, so I could go and enjoy the day!
Thanks to everyone I spoke to, and all of you that loved The Unreal God And Aspects Of His Non Existent Universe!
I hope to be tabling perhaps next year with Cloudbusting too!

So, one of the highlights for me was a talk by Paper Girls author Brian K Vaughan :-D
Here's a snippet:

I guess maybe it was a bit of a silly ambition, with his enthusiasm about paper girls of the late 80's, and the artists that create his graphic novels, to imagine for one minute that a lady comics illustrator might work for one of Brian's creations, but then, I am very busy with my own!*
And Brian was kind enough to sign my copy - thanks Brian!

I bumped into David Wynne of Unsworn, good to bump into friends :-)

This led to some mischief for #inktober!

These guys are cool, with comics and an album - too much work for me to contemplate all on my own, so good for you!

*P.S. Someone on twitter read that as meaning that no women work for Brian, which wasn't what I meant, I meant that I didn't get the chance to ask if I could perhaps be considered as a comics illustrator, so I just wanted to clarify that in case of confusion.

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