Saturday, 4 November 2017

Monday mornings are for coffee and contemplation!

So, you totally binge watched all of Stranger Things last weekend, didn't you? And every media article over analyses it all, from Dustin and Steve's new father-son bromance to Hopper and El, to Joyce's tough love trying to purge the Mind Flayer from Will's body, and Hopper's Constantine-like ventures into the Upside Down. 

As I teach kids to ride bikes, kids riding bikes isn't really horrific ;-)
Kids not being allowed to ride bikes is the true horror.
Of course, we still have yet to see Eleven being allowed to ride a bike.
The Upside Down is obviously a secret cycle path underneath Hawkins.

So I carved this pumpkin, that's about the limit for Hallowe'en, as I just go to shops with Joyce's "WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING TO MY SON?!" face
Believe me, when you've been through something very similar in life yourself, you don't need any ghoulish cosplay. True horror doesn't dress up.

Stranger Things is a metaphor for mental illness. The horrors Will experiences as he sees things that are attributed at first to PTSD by the new scientist at Hawkins lab, that soon become real manifestations of the Mind Flayer.
The Upside Down is where people with mental illnesses go. The Demogorgon from the first series was anxiety,and now the Mind Flayer represents full on depression, infecting everything, changing Will, and forcing Joyce to take drastic measures to help him, and to stop it.

As a carer, also a metaphor for Universal Credit, and not being paid much to cope with someone with mental health issues.

Next week I will be at Bird's Yard, so as Hopper had to deal with some tricky situations in the pumpkin patch, Monday mornings are still for coffee and contemplation!

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