Thursday, 8 February 2018

New Year, new work!

I was given a Sketch A Day sketchbook for Christmas, and it's been very hard with illness and insomnia to actually draw every day, so at least I draw something as often as I can.

My hand illustrated bike sign was stolen!!
Illustrated shop window
Hand illustrated shop sign

Stranger Things / Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind mashup cards

The Blue Room used to be the hospital ballroom in what used to be the Lincoln Lunatic Asylum, which is one of the locations for the Steampunk Festival.

Stranger Things Valentine's Card

I've been busy making some new Stranger Things themed bespoke card designs, and this Valentine's Card has become more popular this year than my usual Beee Mine Valentine's Card! Poor E.T!

New prints and cards ready for my upcoming stall
I've added a few new prints and cards for the upcoming stall, which will also be just before Mother's Day, so you can get your Joyce Byers going on and get your Mum a Stranger Things themed card in neon red, neon pink, or neon blue!!

All handmade Mother's Day cards come with glitter
Stranger Things Mother's Day cards
Stranger Things non Valentine's card for the love sick

Blue Moon Daft Punk themed illustration - aww!

Blue Moon Cloudbusting 

I've otherwise been busy putting together a cover design for Cloudbusting as I'm seeking a publisher.

wi Cover Design for Cloudbusting

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