Tuesday, 6 March 2012

I was invited to take part in this auction alongside Jon Burgerman, Julian Opie, Bill Drummond etc.

It had been my intention to attend the event itself, however, a major parenting matter meant I had to spend the weekend dealing with a G.C.S.E.-addled son.

The comic was auctioned for £10, and was gladly received!

This postcard has been sent to Moss, Norway, to support The Women's Crisis Centre for the 2nd #twitterartexhibit

The quick doodle of "Morten Harket First Thing In The Morning" was something I had in my sketchbook. 

The concept that Morten awakes as in the Take On Me video, a bit dishevelled and scrumpled up after a night's dreaming, but soon regains his usual composure.

The postcard seems to have been received with great enthusiasm.

Morten Harket First Thing In The Morning
Recently, I've been working on a few ideas for local illustrations, just sketchbook ideas at the moment.
Lincolnshire Yellowbelly

John "Steeleye" Span of Horkstow Grange

Lincolnshire sausages

Lego Jolly Fisherman??

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