Thursday, 26 September 2013

Kickstarter relaunch

After a promising start, the Kickstarter funding didn't reach its target and wasn't successful. But as Kickstarter enable creatives to relaunch projects, I'm currently putting together a new pitch for it.

The problem I have is uploading video and images, because my mac is now so old it doesn't update Flash media. Youtube and vimeo is fine, but Kickstarter doesn't like video and image uploads of my own for the project.

So yesterday I decided to go and use the University library computers to do that, only apparently alumni can't do that. 

I'm aiming to get the second campaign going for 12th October. 
It's going to run for 60 days this time, and I'm planning to promote it during Frequency Festival and during the Christmas Market, so I'm hoping Central Library will be the saviour!

It's useful to go back and edit the synopsis slightly. It was worded badly, and included a lot of information that doesn't need to be there.
The more esoteric elements don't need explaining, just hinted at.

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