Monday, 9 November 2015

Cloudbusting - new Kickstarter

Comic Worlds acquisition

After the excitement of Future Fest, comics workshops etc, and with the hospital mural project on hold for the time being, it's been a good time to tidy out the studio and get back into the graphic novel Cloudbusting again!

So many other things happened that I hardly had time to do anything for it, and it has been sadly neglected. 

However, I'm preparing to set up a new Kickstarter funding campaign for it, and have been figuring out the best way to make an exciting and more engaging video campaign with limited digital resources.

A recent new comic stall has opened in Lincoln, called Comic Worlds. It mainly stocks DC and Marvel, however, there were a few other publishers, and I found a Back To The Future themed comic.

I'm missing Thought Bubble / Leeds Comic Art Festival next weekend, as I'm preparing to go to Manchester for another alumni event at Media City in Salford. 

My aim is to produce a few mini zines or one page posters / prints from Cloudbusting to take with me, in the event that there are any BBC celebrities there, who might sign the prints to offer as rewards to backers of the Kickstarter campaign.
I lamented that I didn't get Jason Bradbury to sign something for this purpose...

I'm thinking of launching this in the new year.

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