Monday, 16 November 2015

New Cloudbusting Kickstarter video

New Cloudbusting posters

OK, so I've spent some time today adding various rewards and editing the links in the Kickstarter campaign so everything is almost ready for relaunch.

Here's the new video on my Youtube channel:

From now until February I will be promoting this here and on social media to build up interest as the project runs along, with a small break for separate projects and commissions in between as and when they occur.

I have also invested in limited edition posters, which I'm hoping to have signed by (musicians) celebrities to add as Kickstarter rewards.
As I have no budget for Hootsuite for small businesses, I'm relying on my own followers and supporters to spread the word, so if you like it, please share this! Thanks for your support!

For instance, I will briefly be working on a small competition brief to create an illustration for Frau Holle, which runs until Midwinter.

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