Friday, 5 August 2016

Jim'll Paint It Artist Requests

Social media is both a blessing and a curse.
Between working on Cloudbusting, obviously it's good to keep up with what other artists are doing and collaborate where possible.

 I'm a huge fan of Jim's hilarious Microsoft Paint rendered postmodern effigies of 1980s TV characters and celebrities.

Darran Wood's request stood out as something that needed to be realised, so here it is:

"Please paint the T800 riding Battlecat firing a minigun at the fleeing seven dwarves, who have turned into zombies. Michael Knight is sat in the background on K.I.T.T's bonnet watching the chase go by and Airwolf is overhead."

For authenticity, I added Snow White piloting Airwolf.

This work is available via Redbubble as a t-shirt, prints and various other merchandise. It always warms an illustrator's heart to have people buy our work!

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